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i2A Modular IoT Platform

“Our Modular IoT Platform includes Mobile and Desktop front end dashboard, Cloud server and sensor module with firmware is foundation stone of our business which reduces Time to Market of customer product launch”

Problem Statement:

  • Every customer has unique requirements and customer needs, quicker, better, novel, efficient, configurable, interoperable and economic solution
  • Robust design of IoT Solution takes huge time and huge cost. There is need of modular, configurable IoT platform which can be quickly customizable as per customer requirement and can be quickly deployed with novel modules

Our Innovative Modular IoT Platform fulfill above needs with below value proposition:

  • Modular: Use of complete framework or independent modules as per customer demands like only cloud integration, mobile development and integration, device firmware development and integration
  • Customizable: Configurable as per customer requirement like only WiFi, Only Bluetooth or both WiFi & Bluetooth, use a s end device or use as edge gateway, etc.
  • Interoperable with legacy existing system
  • Support of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Maintenance
  • Support of most Standard Protocols in Market
  • Firmware and Cloud algorithms

Our Proto ready solutions

Based on our Modular IoT Platform

Indoor Positioning System (Asset Tracking)

proximity Alerts & RTLS

              A light weight and cost effective solution for tracking the movement of your assets in real time. Save time by managing multiple assets at one place and eliminating manual tracking. Quickly find customized and ready-to-use data for your context and share them across your organization.

i2A Smart Home

 I2A Smart Home is where you can control your household appliances through your smart phone from anywhere around the world.

Our home automation system will control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It also includes home security such as access control and alarm systems. When connected with the Internet, home devices are an important constituent of the Internet of Things.

“Google Home & Amazon’s Alexa can be integrated with our I2A Devices without any hassle. so its easy to communicate between your appliances with your existing setup. Also we have integrated our own voice over control feature as well”

Get status of your appliances when you are out of town and control them to save electricity usage and become a green earth contributor yourself.

i2A Smart Fan


 I2A Smart Fan is IoT enabled Fan, which can be used to change any ordinary fan into Smart Fan.

A manufacture company can integrate our IoT solution into their Fan, it instantly becomes Smart Fan also it is ready to install and used by the customer.

“We have patented Our own ‘Breeze Mode’, which will make the Fan to create natural breeze effect into your room at any time with simple controls from your mobile app”

We have few other modes to control your fan from the mobile application.

Scheduler will enable the scheduling your fan to react on a particular time with your actions.

This similar feature can be used with all of our products

i2A Patient Monitor


 I2A Patient Monitor application can be used by doctors to monitor their patients from anywhere.

IoT enabled medical equipments will communicate with our data hub and the same information will be provided into the mobile app as well.

Doctors can instruct the patient if anything required. In case of any emergency situation arises, both patient and doctor will get an alert about the emergency within seconds.

“Heart rate, Body temperature, Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Saline Level, drug instructions will be reported and if anything needs doctor’s attention will be informed with instant alert in their mobile”

i2A Smart Inventory


 I2A Smart Inventory can be used in Warehouse and Logistics to get the detailed report on their In-Material, Out-Material and Packing Materials

Get the warehouse employees attendance and activities, In-Time, Out-Time, Working hours in mobile application.

Track your Logistics goods with vehicle details, expected arrival and departure timing reports on 24/7

i2A Smart Security

Smart Security is a better tracking solution for the security service providers & Apartment builders to have a clear work status of your security employees.

“In Emergency cases the Security guards will be alerted instantly for making sure everyone’s safety. Status of the Apartment service requests will be handled by the security guards “

Security In-Time and Out-Time will be recorded with an automated process with the help of Geo location feature. Also security will be scanning a QR code to check-in their in-time.