What is Life?


  Life is a university meant to teach us who we are. We do not graduate (achieve goal) until we have learned our lessons. In University we read our self, get teachings from teachers, we contemplate, we do practical’s and then get graduate.


What are the main reasons for unhappiness?

             Lack of fulfilment, lack of Freedom and Fear are core unhappiness. The main reasons of unhappiness are:

  1. Lack of true pure deep knowledge or false knowledge
  2. Injustice
  3. Scarcity
  4. Above applicable for both- individual unhappiness and society unhappiness. Three major defects of mind which leads to unhappiness are:
  5. Impurities like low quality selfishness, anger, pride, lust, expectations, unnecessary desires, attachments, greediness, jealousy …etc. Solution is Sewa, means ‘selfless service’. It involves acting selflessly and helping others in a variety of ways, without any materialistic rewards, self-enlightenment gain is purity of mind which leads to happiness. Materialistic selfless-service helps individual to develop the virtues of truth and truthful living, compassion and patience, contentment, humility and self-control, love, and wisdom and courage.Through selfless service, eternal peace is obtained.
  6. Versatility/Instability is main reason of unhappiness. Solution concentration, meditation and realization. Stable mind is primarily requirement for any tasks to be done with peace and calm which is ultimate goal, at last most important is incremental journey of happiness.
  7. False knowledge, this is again core reason of unhappiness. Solution self-study, self-education, self-cultivation…etc. Organized true knowledge is real power, required to face unfavorable situation and convert them in favorable or happy situation.


What are the causes of Fear?

            An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, harm, loss, not winning, not accepting, not able to perform, not able to accomplish/achieve is called fear.Causes of fear are:

  1. Attachment:

    We need to live with detachment at mental level and need to do tasks with love and responsibilities without any expectations.Nobody is permanent in this world. Person need to detach one day explicitly. Let’s detach implicitly as nothing 100% owned by us.

  2. Comparison:

     We create our own walls around us. Don’t work with reference, just play and do work with happiness. We work with limits and consider crossing limits as achievements and fear of not achieving creates more fear.

     Why limits? Why comparison?  Just do work with happiness and you will be Unstoppable.

  3. Desires, Expectation: Desires of winning, causes fear of not winning. More desires more fear.Happiness should not be conditional. If I have a car, I will be happy. If I have home, job, family, etc… I will be happy. Live in present with full enjoyment and happiness.Just use your memory to get what learning you need from past. Use thoughts as your tool whenever you want, not when thoughts come.
  4. Lack of gratitude:

       Fear and gratitude cannot live together, If you are grateful for every single thing you have,you will never experience fear of losing them

What is \”Being AI-SMART\”?

      AI-SMART (Absolute happiness and Integrity – Satisfaction and Serenity, Moral Values, Austerity and Acceptance, Responsibility with love, Tolerance) is a complete package which includes both, the Goal and the Path. “AI” defines Ultimate Goal and “SMART” defines Goals (developing skills) while acquiring the Targets.

     Being SMART defines a goal,  that is, moving from Ignorance to true pure deep knowledge, developing SMART skills with continuous learning while achieving targets aligned with Ultimate goal of moving away from stress, pain and sufferings and reaching Absolute (long-lasting) happiness. For e.g. Attachment and hatred feelings are 2 major source of ignorance, whereas performing tasks with  Responsibility and Love is true knowledge.

   शुद्ध विज्ञानस्वरूप :Pure Deep Knowledge

•      निरुपद्रव : Serenity, Stability, Satisfaction, Sinless (शांति, स्थिरता, संतुष्टि, निष्पाप )

•      निष्पापम :Moral values, Maturity (परिपक्वता), Meditation, Mindfulness, Sin free

•     निर्गुणं  (राग ,द्वेष गुण से रहित ) :Attachment and Aversion free, also Avidya, asmita and Abhinivesh Klesh free

•   निर्दोष : Refinement of flaws, Rewards free, Responsibility with love, Reaction Free

•  शुद्धं: By Think Positive attitude, By Tapah which means Tolerate, Thankfulness(Gratitude),
Transcendental (Gunateeth, Gunas without avidya or kleshas), Truthfulness

How to response Regret, Worries and expectations?

            Regret : Life is journey from Ignorance to true knowledge. It is obvious there will be some mistakes  during ignorance period of life. Instead of regretting about mistakes, we need to learn from them and move towards True knowledge. \”No Regret, Just Learning\”.

          Worries : It is due to non-acceptance of unfavorable situations. Stress is the gap between our expectation and reality. More the gap, more the stress, so expect nothing and accept everything.Once you accept (means executing patience,tolerance and positive approach), you will start working on plans to move forwards instead of worrying. \”No Worries, Just Acceptance\”.

        Expectation : It is nothing but desires or wishes which are never ending and cannot be fulfilled always due to freedom of others and due to law of continuous change of nature and world around us. To avoid pain and sufferings due to expectations we should practice gratitude. It will replace fixed expectation with acceptance of variability and being thankful to every situation, be it favorable or unfavorable, as both give learning and increase True knowledge which is our goal. \”No Expectation , Just Acceptance and Gratitude\”.


What is difference between Guilt and Shame?

      Guilt is often broadly defined to include shame. However, the two are different. Guilt results when we
commit a moral wrong or violate a moral principle. Shame, on the other hand, occurs as a result of the violation of a social norm, or as a result of failure to live up to others’ expectations.

How to response unfavorable situations?

  •  Express gratitude to situation or person, as it is helping in testing our state of mind.In any situation we should not loose our peace, If we are reacting, it means we need to change our self and learn how to response happily.
  • Accept everybody\’s independence of performing good or bad actions, We can only give our best without attachment to end results, If God has given independence to them, at last who are we to control them?
  • We should be bothered about our actions and results, because of others why we should loose our peace, it is their action and they need to pay price for the same.
  • A Person\’s bad behavior is due to ignorance or false knowledge or false beliefs. At core level, everybody is pure. We should treat them as small kids, having less knowledge, but they are pure, like they sit on the father’s shoulder and say \”I am taller than father\” 🙂
  • Treat them as sick people (illness in mind), instead of being angry, have sympathy or empathy for them.
  • For a person with extremely bad behavior, perform your actions as per situation independent of emotions of hatred, similar to doctor performing operation for welfare of patient. By killing terrorist we are saving society and helping him to avoid bad actions with polluted mind.

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